shiv lng 1प्रातः स्मरामि भवभीतिहरं सुरेशं
गङ्गाधरं वृषभवाहनमम्बिकेशम् ।
संसाररोगहरमौषधमद्वितीयम् ॥

Meaning: In the Early Morning, I Remember  Shiva, Who destroys the fear of worldly existence and Who is the God of the Devas, who Holds River Ganga on His head, who has a bull as His vehicle and who is the God of Devi Ambika, who has a club and Trident in His two Hands, and confers boon and fearlessness with His other two Hands and who is the God of the Universe, who is the Medicine to destroy the disease (of Delusion) of worldly existence and who is unique.

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