Gender change of infants before and after birth due to subtle attacks

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After the birth of a child, its gender got changed
In the year 2009 in a village in Jharkhand a Class IX girl got associated with our organisation, Upasana and started doing Sadhana. One day, I had a conversation with her mother and she was extremely sad because of various types of problems in their house. She said that 10 children of hers had died, some of them got aborted in the womb and some died at birth while few died after two-three months of taking birth. She also told that even the previous year, a three-month old son too had passed away. Her husband too was prone to several addictions and there was an financial crunch in the house. All in all, there were excessive problems in their house.
The Bhav (spiritual emotion) of her daughter is very nice and she is ever eager to perform every Seva. She has been doing Naamjap and Seva for the last two years.
In the year 2010, one day that seeker said that her mother was expecting again. I am surprised to see that even today, in the far-flung villages, there has been no particular improvement in the lives of women, even when the body of the woman becomes weak for another delivery, even then the mentality of the society has not changed, a woman has to give birth to a child under any circumstances, that is her basic duty. Anyway, as soon as she told me this, I had a hunch that this time, there is a high-level Jivatma in the womb of her mother and that it was a male child. I told the girl and her mother to carry out some spiritual remedies for the formation of a protective shield around them and also around the womb of the mother.
After three months, I was returning home after participating in the Arati in Kaali temple, when I received a message from God that I have to energise one bottle of water and give it to that girl seeker’s mother, so I asked the girl to get water in a bottle. She said that her mother was hale and hearty and wanted to know the reason behind making her mother drink the energised water. When she asked the reason, I said, “Even I do not know, I only know this much that your mother has to drink this water twice every day, in the morning and evening as per divine order.” Three days later, I got a telephone call from that seeker saying that during the course of a fight in the house, her uncle had kicked her mother in the stomach and she was in the hospital with her mother and also that the doctors had performed an Ultrasound to conclude that the wound was not a deep one and there was only a slight injury on the head of the child in the womb, but it continued to be healthy. At that time, her mother was into the eighth month of her pregnancy. I felt extremely sad upon hearing that even today, in India, several women become victims of domestic violence, but endure everything quietly. While performing the Ultrasound, the doctors said that the child in the womb was a male child. I then had a hunch as to why God had asked me just a few days ago to give her energised water. The next day, when the seeker came to me, she was extremely happy and said that doctors have said that a brother was about to come into their house. Alerting her, I told her to tell her mother not to discontinue Sadhana, that there were severe problems in the house; hence pay attention to the fact that continuity is maintained in Sadhana. But no sooner did the mother come to know that she was carrying a son in her womb, she discontinued the little bit of Sadhana that she had been doing. And a surprising thing happened when they came to know after the birth of the child that a daughter had taken birth. I had myself seen their Ultrasound report. When there is excessive problem in the house, many a time, negative energies change the gender of the child in the womb just prior to birth; hence, scriptures recommend some ceremonies for the protection of the progeny. I had alerted the seeker and her mother about this, when the mother was in the third month of her pregnancy, but ordinary people cannot even imagine what all the negative energies are capable of doing; hence, they do not take whatever is told by a spiritualist seriously enough. Whether the child in the womb is a male, or female one, if their Sadhana is good, a positive change can come about in the house after the child’s birth and after the birth of that girl, there have been some auspicious changes in their house too.
I have found during the course of my spiritual research that those households that have severe Pitru Dosh, ancestors change the gender of the child in the womb just two-three months of pregnancy. This might sound unscientific, but I have found that whenever I have told some family members about this, they have told me that some other spiritualist too had told them the same thing that their horoscope carries the chances of a son, but they never had a son, but only daughters. This again strengthens the science behind performance of Punswan, Seemantonnayan under 16 Sanskaras, . Tanuja Thakur

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