Special Characteristics of Sanskrut language

Importance of Sanskrut
(i) Sanskrut is the world’s oldest language for scriptures (Vedas). Thus, there is no possibility of any doubt in acknowledging it as the world’s first language.
(ii) Due to the scientific basis of its clear grammar and alphabets, its supremacy is self-proven.
(iii) Being the richest in literature, its significance is undisputed and non-controversial.
(iv) It is also considered Devbhasha (language of deities).
(v) Sanskrut is not merely a self-developed language, but also a cultured language; hence it is called Sanskrut. Sanskrut is the only language that has not been named after those speaking the language. Those who made the language cultured were no ordinary linguists, but Maharshi Panini, Maharshi Katyayan and the author of Yoga Shastra, Maharshi Patanjali. All these three Maharshi (great sages) have incorporated the verbs of Yoga with utmost efficiency. Herein lies the secret of this language.
(vi) Many synonyms – In all the languages of the world, a word has only one synonyms or a few more whereas in Sanskrut, one word has 25 synonyms.
(vii) All languages have singular and plural, whereas in Sanskrut language, there is Dwivachan (dual form) in addition.
(viii) The most important characteristic of Sanskrut language is Sandhi (union, or merging). In Sanskrut, when two words are brought closer to one another, due to Sandhi, the form and pronunciation of the word gets changed.
(ix) It is also considered the most appropriate language for computer and artificial intelligence.
(x) It has been found out in a research that reading Sanskrut improves and enhances the memory
(xi) The words in Sanskrut sentences can be placed in any order. There is no possibility of any distortion of meaning. This happens because all the words are according to its Vibhakti (division) and form (singular or plural) and even after changing the order of words, the meaning remains unchanged and safe. For instance, Aham gruham gacchami (I am going home), or gacchami gruham aham, both are correct.
(xii) Sanskrut is the world’s most ‘complete’, logical and phonetic language.
(xiii) Devanagari script and Sanskrut are the only two mediums that respectively make the fingers and tongue flexible. Children studying this language get help in better of grasping Mathematics, science and other languages.
(xiv) Literature in Sanskrut language has been composed for a minimum of 6, 000 years. The best and most intelligent brains of thousands of generations have been engaged day and night in reading ,teaching and in contemplation of several lakh scriptures and are engaged even today. There is no other language in the world that has engaged such excellent minds over such a long period, with such a vast scope.

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