Characteristics of Trigunatit personalities

A trigunatit person is one who has mastered all the mental processes. He ceases to have any desires, aversions, emotions and attachments. As he has no desires or aversions, he performs his activities without expecting any returns. As he has full control over his emotions, all attempts to make him angry, frighten him or make him elated prove futile. Even Menaka, the celestial beauty cannot stimulate his sexual instinct. He is a fearless person, not even afraid of death. Free from all attachments, he renounces all worldly pleasures. He is least concerned about what the society thinks of him. As he has lost his identity, he is neither happy when honoured nor unhappy when insulted. He is engrossed in elevating his own mental level and lies in his own realm of peace and happiness. A renunciant (sannyasi) who has renounced all worldly pleasures and spends his life in meditation is a trigunatit person. –  Paratpar Guru   His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale

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