An inspiring story- Faith

Saint with Followers


Two devotees of God Vishnu would always meditate together under a large banyan tree. One day, they met Sage Narad, a great devotee and a constant companion of God Vishnu.The devotees hailed the Sage and asked a favor of Him. They wanted to know from God Vishnu whether their meditation would bear fruit so that one day they might be blessed to enjoy the everlasting Bliss of oneness with the God. Narad agreed to ask the God on their behalf, promising to return with a reply after a week.A week later, Narad returned with the God Vishnu’s reply to the devotees’ question and told them that the God had been pleased to respond to their question.He turned to one of the devotees and remarked, “God Vishnu said that your wish will be granted after only ten more years of meditation!” The man was very much shocked. He shouted, “Ten years more! I have already been meditating for ten years. I cannot wait that long again.” Saying that, he departed.To the second devotee, Narad said, “I am sorry, but God Vishnu’s reply to you is that you will have to go on meditating for as many years as there are leaves on this banyan tree.” Hearing this, the second devotee began dancing with great joy!Sage Narad was confused. He said to the devotee, “Perhaps you did not understand what I said. There are thousands of leaves on this tree and therefore, you will have to perform meditation for many, many lifetimes before your heart’s desire is fulfilled.”The devotee said, “O Sage, I understand perfectly, but I do not mind! At least God Vishnu has been kind enough to tell me that one day, I will be with Him.”God Vishnu, who happened to be watching this scene, was pleased with the patience of the second devotee and granted him salvation at that very moment.Moral: A seeker has faith in God that He will do what is best for His seekers. One who does regular spiritual practice with faith will surely be one with the God some day.

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