Maa Gayatrii

मुक्ताविद्रुमहेम- नीलधवलच्छायैर्मुखैस्त्रीक्षणैः
युक्तामिन्दुकलानिबद्धमुकुटां तत्त्वार्थवर्णात्मिकाम् |
गायत्रीं वरदाभयांकुशकशाशूलं कपालं गुणं
शंखं चक्रमथारविन्दयुगुलं हस्तैर्वहन्तीं भजे || ||

Meaning: I worship Gayatrii, the goddess with faces having three eyes and illuminations from pearls, corals, gold and sapphire, with a crown sparkling with moonlight, with the essence of the ultimate truth – the word Om, carrying in her hands the propitious and assuring implements- a hook, a whip, a spear, a skull, a rope, a conch, a circular weapon and a pair of lotuses.

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