Condition of Hindus


Once a saint had domesticated some parrots in his hut and for their security, he had taught them a song, “Shikari aayega, jaal bichhayega, par hum nahin jaayenge”, meaning that the hunter will come, lay his trap, but we will not go. One day, the saint went to a nearby village to seek alms. In the meantime, a hunter came and saw several parrots sitting on the branch of a tree. He felt greedy upon seeing so many parrots and started making plans to trap them, just then the parrots started singing the the taught slogan, “Shikari aayega, jaal bichhayega, par hum nahin jaayenge”. When the hunter heard this, he was left surprised!! He had never seen such wise parrots and thought that it would be impossible to catch them, as they appeared to be trained parrots. The hunter was feeling sleepy, so he put some pieces of guava inside the trap and went off to sleep, thinking that may be one or two greedy, or stupid parrots might fall into the trap. After an hour, when he got up from his sleep, he saw all the parrots singing the same slogan “Shikari aayega, jaal bichhayega, par hum nahin jaayenge”. But where were they singing it – inside the net of the trap!! Seeing the condition of the parrots, the hunter laughed and trapped all the parrots and carried them off!! Today, the condition of the Hindus is similar to that of these singing by-rote parrots, as everyday in the Arati, we sing “Tan, man, dhan sab hai tera, tera tujhko arpan, kya lagey mera”, meaning my body, mind and wealth are all yours and I offer it you , but in reality while offering something for Dharmakaarya, shy away from doing so.


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