Anubhuti during Dharma Prasaar & Dharmayatra

On August 13, 2012, I had gone to a recording studio in Delhi in connection with an audio recording of a CD on ‘Problems caused by negative energies and its spiritual solutions’ . Upon reaching the studio, when the AC was switched on, it suddenly developed a snag and stopped working. It took nearly an hour to repair it. When I started the recording, I was having a lot of trouble in breathing. It almost seemed as if I was suffering from asthma (although I do not suffer from any breathing disorder). Therefore, an audio recording which should have taken two hour,took three hours. This was despite the fact that I had done prior preparation through chanting and prayers for this audio recording to happen smoothly. The person who had been doing this audio recording too was surprised since during a normal conversation I have no breathing-related problem.
On 23rd August 2012, When the recording was edited and I was about to go to the studio again to listen to the recording, the seeker who used to drop me at the studio every day, could not take me there as he had some urgent work. I was going to the studio in an auto-rickshaw, when all of a sudden it started raining heavily. There was no curtain in the auto-rickshaw to protect me from the rain and I got drenched. The auto-rickshaw driver did not know the location of the studio and though he asked many people for directions, nobody could guide us to the proper route. As a result, a 20-minute journey was covered in one-and-a-half hours. On my way back, I had to go from Noida to Ghaziabad and it was 8 p.m. No auto-rickshaw driver was willing to go.
One cycle-rickshaw puller then suggested, “You can go till Sector-12. You will immediately get an autorickshaw from there.” I took his advise, but no auto-rickshaw was available from Sector 12 either and I was now stuck. My chanting and prayers were continous and after 15 minutes, one auto-rickshaw driver said that though he would not be able to go as his auto-rickshaw was new and its registration papers were not ready. But, he said he had a friend in Sector-62, who could take me to Ghaziabad. I took his offer, and reached my destination after much difficulty. Both during the morning and evening, the auto-rickshaw drivers charged me exorbitantly!
In this entire turn of events, the recording studio too charged me three times the normal charge because he had to remove the gasping sound of my breathing after every two sentences. Negative energies always try to disturb the stability of my mind every day; but it is divine grace that , despite the creation of several adverse circumstances, the mind remains blissful.-Tanuja Thakur

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