Serving a guest

food thali The Atharvaveda says that serving a guest is a sacrificial fire by itself. The custom of considering a guest as God and serving him is prevalent since the Vedic times.


Parashar says प्रियो वा यदि वा व्देdष्‍यो मूर्ख: पण्डिrत एव वा ।
वैश्वदेवे तु सम्प्रा प्तs: सोऽतिथि: स्वeर्गसङ्‌गक्रम: ।। – पराशरस्मृ३ति १.४०

Meaning: Irrespective of whether a guest is a friend or a foe, a foolish or a learned one he who arrives at the time of the ritual of Vaishvadev (a ritual of offering oblation to Agni, the deity of fire, performed daily before having a meal) bestows heavenly merits upon the host. – Parasharsmruti 1.40’

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