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Two persons were hotly disputing as to the colour of a chameleon. One said, ‘The chameleon on that palm-tree is of a beautiful red colour.’ The other, contradicting him, said, ‘You are mistaken, the chameleon is not red, but blue.’ Not being able to settle the matter by arguments, both went to the person who always lived under that tree and had watched the chameleon in all its phases of colour.
One of them said, ‘Sir, is not the chameleon on that tree of a red colour?’ The person replied, ‘Yes, sir.’ The other disputant said, ‘What do you say? How is it? It is not red, it is blue.’ That person again humbly replied, ‘Yes, sir.’ The person knew that the chameleon is an animal that constantly changes its colour; thus it was that he said ‘yes’ to both these conflicting statements. The Sat-chit-ânanda likewise has various forms. The devotee who has seen God in one aspect only, knows Him in that aspect alone. But he who has seen Him in His manifold aspects, is alone in a position to say, ‘All these forms are of one God, for God is multiform.’ He has forms and has no forms, and many are His forms which no one knows. – Swami Ramkrushna Paramahansa

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