Ego and God cannot exist togather

Jab main tha tab Hari nahin, ab Hari hain main Naahin,
Prem gali ati saankri, taamain do naa samahin
– Sage Kabir
When I existed, Hari (God) was not there, now He is there and there is no Me,
The alley of Love is extremely narrow for the two to subsist together)
Meaning: Ego and God cannot exist together, a saint is one who is bereft of all ego! As long as ego exists, God’s dwelling within is not possible!
Implied Meaning: Every living being, despite having an element of God, is not able to realise the knowledge of Aham Brahm Asmi and ego is the primary cause for it; hence seekers must make efforts with consistency to reduce their ego.

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