An ideal parent you should provide spiritual nourishment

Spiritual remedies to negate problems posed by negative energies.For the last two years, I have been on an all-India tour. During this period, it has come to my notice that in the absence of dharmacharan (abiding the code of conduct as per vedic dharma ) by parents and blind imitation of the Western culture, infants are increasingly experiencing problems and they get affected by the negative energies in the mother’s womb itself. Consequently, as these children grow up, their problems also keep increasing and even after making physical, mental and intellectual efforts to tackle these troubles, no real benefit accrues.Symptoms of problems caused to children by the subtle negative energies : If children experience troubles caused by negative energies, the problems caused are such as sleeplessness, not being able to concentrate in studies, leave studies midway, developing bad habits and addictions at a young age, abusing others or turning violent, being excessively mischievous, getting up in sleep at night feeling scared, mood swings, or develop diseases that last a lifetime et al. If this be the case with your kids, put your hand on the head of children (those below seven years of age) when they are sleeping and chant, “Shree Guru Dev Datt’ and ‘Om Namah Shivaay” alternately for one-two hours for two years, depending on the severity of the problems. This is basically a spiritual healing remedy known as ‘touch therapy’ where we infuse the spiritual energy of chanting to combat the problems which are caused due to the attack of subtle negative forces. If the child can do chanting, ask him to do it and if he/she can write, then get the child to write the Namjap. Alongside, also ward off the evil eye every Tuesday and Saturday. Give the child a bath adding one spoon of rock salt and cow’s urine to water, followed by an ordinary bath regularly.
Our lifestyle has become tamoguni (spiritually impure) in the race for modernisation without our realising it. As a result, infants end up experiencing such troubles. As they grow up, these troubles multiply and result in more monstrous problems. Thus, it is the need of the hour that as an ideal parent you should provide spiritual nourishment, along with physical, mental and intellectual nourishment to your children. – Tanuja Thakur

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