Spiritual Experiences of Shri Kothiyal

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Spiritual Experiences (Anubhuti) of seeker.Today, I am sharing the experience of Shri Kothiyal.
“ I met Tanuja Thakur in December 2011 and started doing spiritual practice. Although I had been reading her articles and posts on Face book for some time and was also doing some spiritual practice on my own, my sadhana in the real sense commenced after meeting her. Tanujaji asked me to carry out the seva (service ) of language correction and translation of articles from Hindi to English. While doing this seva, several questions that used to accumulate in my mind got answered automatically and I started experiencing extreme bliss. For quite some time now, whenever I travel in my own vehicle, I have started liking ‘traffic jams’ because I get more time to do chanting” !
Analysis of the experience:Shri Kothiyal has been inquisitive by nature. Hence God is giving him experiences of that level. If an inquisitive person receives knowledge, happiness and contentment at intellectual plane are derived. Due to the chaitanya (presence of divine consciousness) in writings, he is automatically getting answers to his questions, because my writings are purely based on the teachings of my Shree Guru, who is Paramavatari ( an incarnation of God himself) and a saint of ‘Paramahans’ (saint of the highest spiritual order) level.The importance of Namjap is 5%. According to Gurukrupayog(Path of attaining Guru’s grace), satsang (spiritual discourse) is the second step of sadhana and its importance is 30% while the importance of seva (service ) is 100%. As per Gurukrupayog, seva is the third step of spiritual practice and the importance of service is 20 times that of Namjap. This means that when a seeker does seva along with chanting, he or she gets experiences very quickly and the grace of the nirgun guru (formless Guru) ie. God begins to get transmitted. The experience of bliss is the highest level of anubhuti (spiritual experience ) in spirituality and one can experience it sooner by serving either the Guru or ‘Dharm’. Shri kothiyal’s spiritual level being more than 45%, he quickly agreed to offer his services for dharma’s cause and by trying to do the service with love, shraddha (faith) and perfection, he is getting the experience of bliss.

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