Anubhuti (Spiritual Experience ) of Sunaina Kumari



What is an Anubhuti (Spiritual Experience )?
When a seeker begins to make progress on the path of spiritual practice, God grants the seeker certain experiences. With the support of such experiences, the seeker begins to proceed with increased enthusiasm on the path of spiritual practice.
An anubhuti (spiritual experience) is beyond the mind and intellect, experienced by our embodied soul through the medium of subtle senses. It is difficult to analyse it at the level of mind and intellect. But our faith gets enhanced through such anubhutis.
Anubhutis can be in the context of both, material level and spiritual level. For instance, if someone’s faith gets enhanced through worldly benefits, that person receives similar experiences. Anubhutis are, in a way, milestones in our spiritual journey that provide momentum and guidance. By listening to, or reading the anubhuti of other seekers, our belief process strengthens. And if we too get such experiences, we begin to comprehend that a particular incident was in reality, an anubhuti.
Today, we will look at the anubhuti of a seeker, Sunaina Kumari :
“I am a student of Class VIII and live in the same village as pujya Tanuja Didi in Jharkhand. Earlier, I just could not concentrate on studies. But ever since I started going to Upasana’s discourses (Satsang) in the Kali Temple in the village and also started Namjap as per Her guidance, my mind has started being in a bliss and now I am able to concentrate a lot more on studies. I am also able to do Namjap as an easy routine In fact, now if I don’t go to the discourse for some reason, my mind becomes indisposed.. “ – 23.12.2010
Analysis: This young student-seeker had spiritual problems. Thus, she could not concentrate on studies. By attending discourses regularly, her spiritual practice got the momentum and she could start Namjap as well. As a result, the problems caused by negative energies got reduced. Because the Namjap began to gradually increase, her concentration and interest in studies too got enhanced. We all know the lesser the thoughts, the higher the concentration level, Namjap helps the minds to tune from many thoughts to lesser thoughts and then to the only thought of Namjap and finally to the zero state .

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