A child gave me a spiritual name

Who is a seeker?
A  child gave me a spiritual name !
I will share with you all an incident to show how subtly can a child, who possesses an attitude of a seeker receive the impressions of Sadhana.
In the year 2002, I was doing Dharma Prasaar Seva (service of spreading spirituality) in Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh). A family of doctors was engaged in Sadhana there. Theirs was a joint family, in which four brothers and their families lived together under one roof. Whenever I used to visit their house, the entire family would get together and a kind of Satsang ensued. The youngest member of the household was a child, about one-and-a-half years old. He was shy by nature, but he would simply take anything out of the refreshments served to me upon my arrival and would go to his mother (who was the wife of the eldest brother of the house). One day I was talking to their daughter-in-law and she was diffidently telling me that she could not listen to my Satsang, for the father-in-law and paternal father-in-law (father-in-law’s younger brother) too attended it and in their house, one had to draw a veil over the face as a mark of respect to them and moreover, the child is very small; hence, it was also not possible to attend the Satsang held in the temple, but she intensely liked performing Puja. I said, “It does not matter; till the age of five, just inculcate good Sanskaras (impressions) on the child’s mind. Bringing him up is your Sadhana. In Satsang, I only tell about Naamjap, along with your household work, you can keep doing Naamjap and while feeding milk to the child too, you must continue to do Naamjap.”
One day, I reached their house at 3.30 p.m in connection with some Seva. All the males of the house were away and the womenfolk were taking rest. Only that child was awake. Through the window, he saw me coming in through the courtyard and he started to shake his grandmother saying, “Get up, Kuldevta Didi”. The grandmother was half asleep, but he kept repeating the words. The grandmother got up to open the door and seeing me, said with surprise, ‘My grandson has given you a name, “Kuldevta Didi”!!! She went on to say, “Neither does he sit in Satsang, nor has he ever talked to you, he has not even started speaking properly, then from where did he come to know about these words – “Shree Kuldevta”. I said, “Children are Saatvik (pure) and they immediately grasp Sattvik conversation through the subtle medium. Your daughter-in-law does chanting of Kuldevta while feeding him and the chanting has entered the sub-conscious mind of the child through the medium of milk being fed to him. All of them were surprised to hear this.” ! – (Paratpar guru) Tanuja Thakur

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