Why should one go to a saint with humility ?

“If you seek alms and you feel that I am about to give it to you, come with a proper container. The container should not contain any remnants, otherwise the complete offering will not be received.”
– His Holiness Bhaktraj Maharaj (Shree Guru of Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale)
Implied meaning: The implied meaning of high-level saints is often not understood by seekers and on several occasions, while analysing it through their intellect, they extract a perverted meaning of their Suvachan (divine words). Saints are connected to the divine principle; hence, many a time, the meaning of their Suvachan coming out of their mouth is grasped by the seeker several years later, this happens due to the omniscience present in the saints.
The meaning of the Suvachan given above is as follows: Saints possess the capacity to give that rare wealth (knowledge, devotion and detachment) that cannot be received anywhere else in this world; hence, when we go to saints, we must go with a clean and pure mind, keep aside the ego for all the objects, worldly status et al and approach them to learn with a humble Bhav (spiritual emotion) and not go to teach them.
Saints are like a clean mirror, those who have a larger measure of ego, visualise ego in the saints. In this Suvachan, the container mentioned by His Holiness Bhaktraj Maharaj means the eligibility inside us and ‘the shining container’ means a pure and a humble character! ‘There should not be any remnants in the container’ means that one should approach the saints with a Bhav of complete self-surrender . – Tanuja Thakur

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