Importance of offering Sense of Doership at the Holy Feet of God

Tyaktva karmphalaasangagam Nitytrupto nirashrayah
karmanyabhipravruttOpi naiv kinchitkaroti sah-    ShrimadBhagvad Gita (4.20)
Meaning :   Having abandoned attachment to the fruit of the action, ever content, depending on nothing, he does not do anything though engaged in activity.
Implied Meaning:  According to the principle of the action, performing any action results in its Karmaphal (consequence or fruits), but here God Krushna is propounding the rule as to how despite doing one’s Karma (action), there is no need to reap its fruits.  This world is Karma predominant, hence no being can exist without performing one’s Karma; but if the doer sacrifices the desire for the fruits of the Karma and constantly offers the Kartapan (sense of doership) of the Karma at the Shree Charan (Holy feet) of God, then the being immersed in Karma does not have to undergo the principles of Karmaphal (consequences) and such beings are dependent on God, they have given up on the world, implying that such a being basically acquires a saintly disposition, externally the person might be a householder as per one’s Prarabdh (destiny), even then that person does not develop any attachment towards the world, such a being experiences bliss in solitude.  He/she does not require the Mayajaal (illusory web) of worldly relationships and inhabiting whether in the world, or in a forest, the situation around him/her does not break the internal divine proximity.   With Sadhana being his primary objective, the person remains satisfied and attached to it.  Even though the person is always busy, still he does not do anything, implying that the person becomes a non-doer and the principles of Karmaphal do not apply to him/her. Tanuja Thakur


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