Spiritual healing, questions & Anubhuti vis-a-vis negative energies

Questions pertaining to negative energies:
“As prescribed by you, just after chanting ‘Shree Guru Dev Dutt’ for a few days, my mother appeared in my dream and said, “All of you should not chant ’Shree Guru Dev Dutt’. It causes problems for me and if you keep chanting it, I will go away.” That day, my mother appeared in the dreams of all the four sisters at the same time in the afternoon. Thus, I am not able to decide as to what I should do. My mother died an untimely death just two years ago. I love my mother dearly. Should I stop doing this chant for I do not want my mother to leave us? Although she has died, but she keeps coming in our dreams and guiding us and we have experienced her presence through the subtle medium. Hence, we still love her. Please guide me as to what should I do.
– A seeker
Answer: Your mother has not gained Gati (momentum after life). Thus, you must not stop chanting. After doing this chant for some time, she will get Gati. To keep our ancestors stuck for selfish motives is a sin. She too has to move on her onward journey. Hence help her by doing Sadhana. Do not do anything undesirable by getting connected to her emotionally. Her coming in the dreams of all the four brothers and sisters itself gives an indication that her attachment to all of you has not ended. Hence she has got stuck.
Follow the virtuous path as told by your mother, this would be a genuine tribute to her. Many a time, ancestors guide their descendants. But at the same time, when they suffer from the problems in the subtle world, they too are forced to cause problems for us. Therefore, for the resolution of Pitru Dosh (problems caused by ancestors), make dedicated efforts to follow all the points told to you.

Anubhuti of Smt. Juhi Chauhan, a seeker from Aligarh
“Some of us seekers had accompanied Tanuja Didi from Delhi to Gwalior on August 27, 2012 for Dharma Prasaar. Didi’s Pravachan had been organized in Gwalior. On August 28, 2012, when we were taking leave of Didi at night to return to Aligarh, she gave us a sort of advance warning of the impending problem. “Till you reach home, keep chanting and praying so that you can reach your home uninterrupted,” she told us. Both me and my husband did not take it seriously and thought that now that this Seva has ended, we only have to return home. Hence, we did not pray that earnestly.
When we reached Mathura from Gwalior, where we had parked our car, we were not able to find its keys. We hunted for the keys everywhere in our luggage, but there was no trace of the the car keys. We then had to leave behind our car and returned to Aligarh in a bus. We had a duplicate key, but it seemed that too had been misplaced. Therefore, we could not find it despite hunting for it in the house. The next day, my husband went to Mathura along with a key maker, but even after four hours of hard work, he could not make the key. He said, “It seems my 38-year old talent has gone waste today.” And both of them returned. I felt that all this was a bit unusual and I increased the chanting and prayers. The same night, I went to my parental house and in the middle of the conversation, I told my parents about the lost car keys. My parental house is 10 minutes away from my house. My father said, “One key is in the drawer. Just see whether it is your car’s key.” It indeed was the key of our car that we had been searching for the last so many days. Next day my husband took the car key to Mathura and returned with car to Aligarh. As we did not take Didi’s advice seriously, we had to go through all this.”

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