Sattvik Lunches during festive season, Upvas

In some cities, a few hotel owners have started selling Sattvik lunches, or Phalahar (fruits related dishes) during the festive season for the people who observe a fast! But keep in mind while preparing such food which is being called Saatvik, norms for purity of the body and mind is not followed; hence they are Tamoguni; on the contrary, consuming fruits, milk, or curd at home would prove more beneficial! The primary objective of a Saatvik diet is to restrain our senses and eating Saatvik food in comparatively lesser quantity and for this reason, God is remembered!! The meaning of a fast itself is, ‘Upa’ meaning near and ‘Vaas’ meaning, being present. When we are near God, that is called ‘Upavaas’, meaning when we do proper Sadhana and we realise His subtle existence, that is called an ‘Upavaas’, loading the stomach with delicious food in the name of Phalahaar ( sattvik food ) is not called ‘Upavaas’!!! -Tanuja Thakur

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