Praying for others

If our spiritual level is less than 60%, and we pray to the effect that a person’s problems be resolved, our Sadhana (spiritual practice) gets depleted at a rapid pace. Because despite not possessing the ability, we are interfering in that person’s Prarabdh (accumulated destiny), or are trying to protect that person from the problems being caused by negative energies. In both the situations, the energy acquired from Sadhana of the person doing the prayer gets depleted. Hence, it is improper to get swayed by emotions and pray for others despite not possessing the required spiritual capacity. On the contrary, by enhancing our spiritual ability, merely through the power of resolve, we can ensure the spiritual welfare of several beings. Our sages, saints and mendicants have authored several prayers known as Strotras (hymns). These Strotras contain the power of their resolve, and thus, remain eternally fruit-bearing.-Tanuja Thakur

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