O Womenfolk! Get training to defend yourself !

• O Womenfolk! Be prepared to defend yourself ! That period was a different one when God Shree Ram got a bridge constructed over the ocean by the monkeys to annihilate Ravan to punish him for abducting His wife!
A majority of menfolk today can only express their ostensible anguish on the atrocities done on women through words after reading, watching in the midst of sipping a cup of tea and munching biscuits. Take training in self-defence and increase your Sadhana! Remember that you are not a helpless woman, you are the veritable Durga and Durga destroys the demons! Recognise the inherent Shakti lying within you, your glorious, righteous and cultured character, possesses the competence to protect you from all the demons of the universe ! – Tanuja Thakur

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