God Rama

शांतं शाश्वतमप्रमेयमनवं निर्वाणशान्तिप्रदंkevat 1
ब्रह्माशम्भुफणीन्द्रसेव्यमनिशं वेदान्तवेद्यं विभुम् |
रामाख्यं जगदीश्वरं सुरगुरुं मायामनुष्यं हरिं
वन्देऽहं करुणाकरं रघुवरं भूपालचूडामणिम् ||

I adore the God of the universe bearing the name of Rama, the chief of Raghu’s line
and the crest-jewel of kings, the mine of compassion, the dispeller of all sins, appearing in human form through Maya, the greatest of all gods, knowable through Vadanta, constantly worshipped by Brahma, Shambhu and Sheshha, the bestower of supreme peace in the form of final beatitude, placid, eternal, beyond the ordinary means of cognition, sinless and all-pervading

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