Stuti by Hanuman

नमोऽस्तु रामाय सलक्ष्मणाय देव्यै च तस्यै जनकात्मजायै |
नमोऽस्तु रुद्रेन्द्र यमनिलेभ्यो नमोऽस्तु चन्द्राग्नि मरुत्गणेभ्यः ||
Meaning : (Grief stricken God Hanuman unable to find Sita in Ashoka garden prays for a solution in this way) Salutations to God Ram accompanied by Laxman and to Janaka’s daughter Goddess Sita. Salutations to Shiva, group of Gods Rudras,to Indra, the God of Deities, to Yama, the God of death, and to Wind God. Salutations to the Moon, Sun, and other deities.

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