Stampede in the Kumbh

By guru’s grace I could sense the stampede in the Kumbh a fortnight ago and it was supposed to be in the Kumbh mela campus itself and that too on a big scale , so was trying my best at sublte plane to minimise the impact if not fully curtail it , two days before the gross effect of the sublte war going in the Kumbh became very severe and my pranshakti (vital energy ) became very low , and on that day I met few doctors rather very famous and successfull doctors in an ashram and most of them seeing my condition either suggested for some test or some medicine and few told it was psychological !! This clearly indicates the limitaiton of modern science. I had mentioned them my health was suffering due to some spiritual reason and had forecasted about yesterday’s stampede . Once I left from prayag now these successfull proffesionals are cogitating about what I had told them !- H.H Tanuja Thakur

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