Just uproot the anti-hindu governtment and teach them a lesson !!


The sanskrut meaning of temple is ‘devalaya’ which means the abode of deities , basically all our temples were the centres to impart knowledge about dharma but today the muslims teach Quran in mosque, the christians teach bible in church and the hindu temples have just become the centre for ritualistic practices like offering dhoopam, deepam , gandham, pushpam and naivedyam !!! For the resurgence of hindu dharm we need restablish the main oblective of temples ! The so called secular govt gives so much charity to madarsas and church, have u heard of the govt facilitating dhamrsikshan(imparting education about hindu dharm) to hindus in any temple or any other governtment institutes in India !! Are we hindus not entitiled to get educated about our dharma !! Is this real secularism hence teach this anti hindu govt a lesson which the history remembers always !! Just uproot it !!

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