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Deities came to the marriage and provided Anubhuti

In the year 2005, my father had passed away, hence I had to marry off my sister.  Considering it to be a moral responsibility, I considered shouldering the responsibility to be my Sadhana.   The bridegroom’s side fixed July 13 as the wedding day.   The severity of the subtle war had been increasing since 2004 and I used to just keep lying for most of the time in the hermitage.   As the wedding day approached, I prayed to my Shree Guru to provide me the necessary energy for Yadnya  in the form of marriage.  And just after two-three days, my Pranshakti (vital life force) started increasing and the improvement in Pranshakti till the time of the marriage kept increasing as per the requirement.


God Indra’s special grace

            When I reached my grandmother’s ancestral place for the marriage of my younger sister a week in advance, one of my relatives sarcastically asked as to why all of us got only a rainy day for the Shubh Muhurt (auspicious time), everyday there was such a heavy rain and storm that the Pandals (tents) being put up for marriages were getting blown away.  The hotel where we had arranged for the stay of the bridegroom’s party, there too, water had got accumulated at the ground floor, following heavy rainfall one day.  As the process of my Aham Nirmulan (dissolution of ego) was going on, hence I was making an effort to perform this Seva (service) with extreme alertness, error-free and with Bhav (spiritual emotion).  I had started praying from the month of April with a deep yearning, to all the marriage-related deities to be present at the marriage Yadnya and to allow the Yadnya to be concluded without any hindrance.  On July 10, i.e three days before the marriage, such a heavy storm lashed the city that the sorry state of the tents made the headlines of the newspapers.

The auspicious time for the marriage was in the morning and on the day of the marriage, a slight drizzle had been taking place since the morning.  God Indra said, “Do not worry, there will be no hindrance in the marriage Yadnya due to the rain.  And so it happened – till night it kept raining off and on, but it did not rain on the occasions when it should not have rained, for instance, at the time of welcome of the Baraat (bridegoom’s party), during lunch and at night too, all the ceremonies were concluded and all the guests too reached the marriage venue.


Due to Mother Annapoorna’s grace, there were surplus savings in the storehouse

            Two days before the marriage, all of us, along with our relatives, went to stay at a Guest House booked for the marriageA relative had somehow managed to store all the essential food items in the storehouse.  No sooner did I take a look at the storehouse, taking the help of two persons, I kept everything in the storehouse in an organised manner, for I felt that it is the temple of Mother Annapoorna, hence it is our Sadhana to keep it organised.  Just as I was coming out of the storehouse, Mother Annapoorna manifested Herself and said, “I will do this Seva, you rest assured and look after other Seva.  After that, I performed Vaastu Shuddhi of the entire place and established a small place for worship in a corner, and keeping a picture of His Holiness Gurudev, performed Puja (worship) too and I felt that the Vaastu Devtaas (Vaastu deities) of the place too were appeased.

Once the Baraat arrived and everyone had been served refreshments and the marriage ceremonies started, I got busy with the welcome of the guests and marriage-related rituals.  Food was about to be served to the bridegroom’s party, when Mother Annapoorna’s message came through the subtle medium, “Go and taste the food and allow it to be served only after that.”  I immediately went to the place where food was being cooked and when I tasted the food, I found that the cook had put a little sweetener in all the vegetables and pulses, for the cook was a Bengali and that too, when I had actually specifically instructed him not to do so.  I got the taste of salt added in the right proportion to all the food items and went to the upper floor where the food had to be served.  After eating the food, all the members of the Baraat and the guests, even till today, do not get tired praising the taste of the food; but the reality was that had Mother Annapoorna not alerted me, all hell would have broken loose.

When the marriage ceremonies were over and I went to the storehouse, so much of provisions were still left, that I was amazed to see it.  Some film actors who were friends of my brother had come to attend my sister’s wedding and had stayed with us; hence, the guests outnumbered three times higher than what had been planned and despite this, even after consuming the food three times a day, a lot of provisions still remained; and I used to offer cooked food to more than 200 needy people living around , after all the guests were fed after every meal for continuously four days.  Despite all this, so much of provisions being left in the storehouse was a surprising thing, not only for me, but even for the shopkeeper from whom the provisions had been purchased.  He said that the marriage in your house is the topic of discussion in the entire city and so many guests had come, even then so much of provisions still remained!  Now, what could have I told him; that my storekeeper was Mother Annapoorna!  Even before purchasing the provisions, the shopkeeper had been told that he would have to refund the money for the provisions that are not used and that I would offer that money to my Shree Guru’s Sanstha (organisation).  I had even set aside and offered a portion from the expenditures for marriage, at my Shree Guru’s feet and it was possibly all His grace that even after the marriage ceremonies got over, provisions still remained and returning those provisions, I got the money and could offer it to the Ashram and all this was Mother Annapoorna’s grace.

Accident avoided due to Vaastu Devtaa’s grace

             After the marriage ceremonies got over, a relative who had come from the village had kept the mosquito coil on the carpet and about 1-1/2 feet of the carpet had got burnt and a major accident could have taken place, which was avoided. When I examined through the subtle medium, I found that Vaastu deities had protected us from that accident.

God Agni’s grace too received

             For the Yadnya for the marriage, a relative had been asked to get the firewood and the firewood that he got was completely wet.  When the Purohit looked at the wood, he said that the wood was wet and would not catch fire and will emit a lot of smoke; but we had no other option; hence, the fire was struck with the same wood and it started to burn in such a manner that it appeared as if God Agni had Himself manifested there and the wet wood started burning like dry wood and my younger sister gesturing to me from inside the veil, was smiling. And thus, by sending all the deities for the marriage Yadnya, Shree Guru introduced me to the divine aspect and by divine grace, my sister is today leading a happy and contented married life.

When my parents passed away in 1999, my Shree Guru had sent a senior seeker from Goa, but for my sister’s wedding, He sent the entire group of deities.  Such is my Shree Guru!!  Tanuja Thakur

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