Spiritual experiences of seekers



  1. Anubhuti of seekers

(i)   On August 5, 2012, a one-day spiritual workshop had been organised at Karnavati (Ahmedabad).  Around 5.00 p.m, Didi was  sitting with eyes closed, in meditation, to carry out spiritual healing on us.  When Didi opened her eyes again after 15 minutes, the pupil of the eyes were turned upward and resembled that of God Shiva and were of the colour of ash. Her eyes remained so for about 30-45 seconds and could get normalised only after that.  Out of a few seekers sitting in the practice session, this was clearly seen by four of us seekers.

Shri Kshitj Dhanak


(ii)   Last year in 2011 ‘Tanuja Maai’ (Mother) had come to Dehri-on-Sone and I was introduced to her then.  She told me that I have to make some more efforts and I would be able to see God.  This year, when Maai again came and I went to listen to her Pravachan on the first day. As I was performing Puja the next day, I saw her real form in place of the photograph of Maa Vindhyavasini (one of the form of Divine Energy).  It did not take me to realise that Tanuja Maai is no one else but Maa Vindhyavasini Herself.  I ran to the place where she was staying.  Upon reaching there, she said that she had come to Dehri-on-Sone just for me and was waiting for me.   Hearing this, tears came to my eyes, for today the grace of reincarnate Maa is upon me, my life has been blessed.  From that day onwards, whenever I go to any temple of a Devi (goddess), I see the form of Tanuja Maai in it.  This is Maai’s greatness that she calls me a saint.  I am an ordinary devotee and she is the Maai of the entire universe.

His Holiness Chetan Das Maharaj

Analysis of the Anubhuti

            Pujya Chetan Das Maharaj is a saint of Bhavavastha (such saints can perceive deity principle in all the female form).  He is a devotee of His Holiness Deoraha Baba!  He reached spiritual level of 70% ; hence, as per the subtle command of the Almighty, I went to Dehri-on-Sone to announce that He had attained  sainthood.  He had been told by His Holiness Deoraha Baba 35 years ago to do Sadhana being a householder and He  will attain self-realisation and it happened so, also as per His guru’s resolve.

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