The importance of Sanskrut language

With a PhD in Sanskrut from Oxford University, Dr. Warwick Joseph is the head of Sanskrut language department of Saint James Independent school.  His indefatigable commitment has made Sanskrut language an integral part of the life of about 800 students.  According to Dr. Joseph, Sanskrut language is the world’s most complete, scientific and logical language.  It is the only language whose name is not based upon the people speaking it, but the meaning of Sanskrut language is “complete language”.  The Principal of this school, Paul Moss says that Sanskrut is the mother of a majority of European and Indian languages.  He is extremely impressed with Sanskrut language.  The Principal told that he had to face huge challenges while integrating Sanskrut as a part of the syllabus.

Based upon his vast experience and research, Principal Moss told that Sanskrut has other benefits too.  Writing in Devnagari script and speaking Sanskrut language cures the rigidity in the tongue and fingers of children and they acquire flexibility.  Speaking and writing European languages does not activate a certain portions of the fingers.  Whereas in using Sanskrut, more portions of these organs get activated.  Due to its unique phonetics, Sanskrut increases the cerebral abilities.  It brings about a surprising enhancement in the learning power, memory and the ability to take decisions.  This is probably the reason why earlier Vidyarambh Sanskar was performed upon children and along with writing Mantras, the children were encouraged to do Jap (chanting).  Sanskrut also develops motor skills in the children.


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