Guru’s way of teaching to disciple of different categories

Guru’s way of teaching to disciple of different categories :
1.1 The superior disciple
The superior seeker is the one worthy of Sage Vyas’s quote, ‘शिष्यादिच्छेत् पराजयम् ।’ meaning that the Guru should expect defeat from His disciple. This implies that the Guru expects His disciple to merge into God.
1.2 The medium disciple
The Guru imparts spiritual knowledge to him by answering his questions. Since he is yet to master the Yogas, that is the art of being one with God (Yogarudh) he is qualified only to do spiritual practice from the Path of Action (Karmasadhana). Such a seeker predominantly has a combination of both sattva and raja temperaments.
1.3 The inferior disciple
A Guru gets a lot of service done from him and then imparts him with spiritual knowledge. He needs to do spiritual practice for several births. He is predominantly of the rajasik (Raja predominant) temperament.

– Paratpar Guru His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale

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