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“You say that efforts at chanting should be constant, but I find chanting monotonous, why is it so?” – Sachin Arora, Delhi.


Chanting is never monotonous. If you find it so, it could be due to the following reasons :
(i) When a Sadhak is troubled by negative energies, the energy generated by his chanting can cause trouble to the negative energies. Hence, negative energies ingrain a thought in the mind of the Sadhak that chanting is becoming monotonous.
(ii) If we are doing chanting of a particular deity and if that principle is not required any more by the sublte body then the chanting of that particlaur name can become monotonous; or if an element is deficient in our subtle body and chanting is not being done in accordance with the deficiency, chanting does not result in bliss. Keep in mind that human life has been termed as the journey from Pind to Brahmaand, ie. when all the elements of the universe enter our body, our spiritual journey is considered complete. Thus, one must try to do accurate chanting. Please read the article pertaining to this topic in our last issue and decide which chanting is suitable for you. Else, you can also consult a spiritually evolved or a spiritual master.
(iii) If our spiritual level is above 50% then chanting should commensurate with service unto truth, sacrifice etc., if its not so then chanting could also lead to monotony and boredom. In such cases, one should make efforts at attending Satsang (discourses) along with chanting, rendering service after being associated with a saint and becoming a part of activities done for Dharma Prasar(spreading spirituality).
(iv) If we are not aware of the next level of chanting then also chanting becomes monotonus, initially we should do chanting in Vaikhri (pronouncing aloud) mode of speech, and then in Madhyama (mental chanting) mode of speech. Then only the bliss can be experienced. The next level of chanting is Pashyanti mode of speech. We must try to graduate to this level of chanting. To achieve this level we must synchronise chanting with breathe, enhance the quantitative and qualitative level of chanting by praying and make efforts to increase our Bhav (spiritual emotion). The final phase of chanting is the Para mode of speech. When this stage is reached, chanting ceases and the mind begins to enjoy a blissful and thoughtlessness state. No saint has ever experienced monotony in chanting. Therefore, become introvert and ponder over where you are falling short and what you should do to derive bliss during chanting.


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