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You have written in one of your article about setting up Puja ghar(temple at home)in which you mentioned that statues of all Goddesses should be placed to the left hand side of God Ganesha but on the occasion of Deepawali when we get statues of God Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi from market, then goddess Lakshmi is always placed on the right side of God Ganesha. This has created doubt in mind so please answer my query?  – Rohan Bajaj – Indore


While setting up temple at home,all statues of goddesses  should be placed on the left hand side of God Ganesha and statues of male deities should be  placed on right side.Our shree guru has explained the science behind it.Male Deities emit vibrations containing Anand( bliss) and Shanti ( peace) and statues of female deites are source of vibrations containing Shakti (energy).In our body ‘s left side there exists  Chandra Nadi and right side of body has Surya Nadi.When one is seated for the act of ritualistic worshiping, then vibrations of bliss and peace flow through our  Chandra Nadi and since similar vibrations are also emitted by male deities the balance at the subtle plane occurs.On the other hand, Surya Nadi  carries vibrations of Shakti(energy), which are also emitted by statues of female deities.It leads to establishment of harmony between Surya Nadi  and vibrations emitted by female Deities and also between Chandra Nadi  and vibrations emitted by male deities.As a result of it,our kundalini shakti gets awakened and energy begins to flow through the Sushumana Nadi ,in this way, setting up our temple at home helps in our spiritual upliftment and mind’s concentration is also achieved due to it.

On the occasion of Deepawali, we worship goddess Lakshmi with the aim of getting blessed with power, luxuries, money and prosperity and by placing her statue on the right hand side of God Ganesha, an energy gets excessively activated which leads to worshiper getting infused with required energy  required for attainment of those worldy objectives. Normally if a married couple sits for ritualistic worship then wife sits on the left hand side of her husband.But on the occasions where energy is required by a worshiper during ritualistic worship then female seeker is asked to sit on the right hand side of male seeker.Even today if a yadnya(ritual of sacrificial fire)is organized for attainment of some specific objective  then priest asks the wife of the yajman(host)to sit on the right hand side of host. On the next day of Deepawali, statue of goddess Lakshmi should be placed back on the left hand side of God Ganesha.Always try to not buy a joint statue of God Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi . Today these kind of statues are prevalent because our artisans who create paintings and statues of deities lack knowledge about spiritual practices and also about the subtle aspect of moortivigyan

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