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(i) A particular Hindutvavadi organisation is no longer the same that it used to be thirty years ago. Why is it so?
(ii) Since my childhood, I used to regularly go to an organisation of the Guru of my parents. But ever since I grew up and after a leadership change in the organisation, things have never been the same. Why is it so?


The answer to both the questions is the same, hence both the questions have been taken together. The answer goes thus:
The effective functioning of any organisation depends upon the spiritual ability of the person leading that organisation. No matter how much intellectual capability a person may possess to lead an organisation, or howsoever impressive an orator one may be, if that person does not possess the spiritual strength according to the work and extent of the organisation, the organisation starts experiencing decline. Birth, existence and dissolution, this is the principle of the universe. Whatever takes birth, exists and its dissolution too is a certainty after a certain time . This bitter truth cannot be denied by anyone.
God Shri Ram ruled for 14, 000 years on this earth by abiding by Dharma. But our present-day politicians commit immense sins to sustain a government over five years.
That is why some saints hand over their Ashram to a Trust, or suggest that their Charanpadukas (footwear) be reverentially kept on their seat and leave for Paramdham (eternal abode), as they are not convinced of the capability of any of their disciples.
A family whose head is spiritually evolved and who teaches the family Dharamacharan (following Dharma as ordained in the Vedic scriptures) is blessed with everything – unity, happiness and prosperity, as well as spirituality.
Thus, Hindus must increase their spiritual power by doing Sadhana. This is the key to personal happiness and fame in one’s social life as well.

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