Culture of eating bare-handed in Indian culture

Question :

Today, eating food with a spoon is considered a symbol of being modern and eating food with bare –hands is looked down upon. Can you tell why was this culture of eating bare-handed in Indian culture? Was it due to some spiritual reason ?


Our Indian culture’s daily routine and rituals are based on the science of spirituality. The maximum amount of energy in our body flows through our toes and after that, through the pores of the fingers of our hands. For this reason, whenever we touch the feet of old people, spiritually evolved or saints and knowledgeable ones, they bless us by placing their hands over our head, just above Sahasrar Chakra, or on our back, (at the point of Anahat Chakra), thereby one receives energy in the form of blessings over our subtle chakras (cycles).
When we eat food with our bare hands, the energy emitted from the fingers helps in making the food digestible. By the time we take food in the spoon and put it in our mouth, the energy cannot be transmitted through the spoon and reach the food. And remember that whatever has been prevalent n the vedic culture has a spiritual reasoning and is the symbol of true civilisation!

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