Performing Mansik Pooja by ladies during menstrual periods


Question: I know that when ladies have their menstrual periods, one should not perform Puja.  But is performing Manasik Puja (worship in the mind) also forbidden during periods?  It is said that during such times, one should not visit temples either. Though I do not go, but I do not know the reason behind it. • I always keep chanting a Mantra of God Hanuman. But during periods, I don’t  chant hence there is a feeling of incompleteness. I have a curiosity as to why it is so. I myself abide by Dharma, but I want to know the exact reason behind this.  One of my friends told me that I should pose this question to you. Please clarify my doubt and bless me.” – Aditi Agarwal, Jaipur


The Rajogun(raj component) of a woman during periods increases by .0005% and the physical body becomes impure. Hence, whatever Sadhana is to be performed through the physical body, ie. the Sadhana pertaining to Karma Kaand should not be done. Similarly, one should not enter a temple, for a temple is the abode of deities and a Saatvik (pious) place where we derive the requisite energy and peace of mind for performing Sadhana.  This is due to the sattvikta (Sattva element) present in the temple. If women having periods start going there, Rajogun and Tamogun(raj and tam component) will increase there and one will not be able to experience peace in a place which is Raj and Tam  predominant. Thus, every Hindu must strive to uphold the purity of temples. This is  a part of our Samashti Sadhana (Social and spiritual aspect of sadhana).  During menstrual periods, Naamjap  or chanting can be done as it is done by mind, you can also attend discourses, but you should not offer obeisance to saints by touching their feet. Also, you can perform all other Seva except those related to cooking and performing Puja.  Your spiritual level is at 45% and you are already habituated to deriving bliss by Naamjap and that is why you have that feeling of incompleteness.  During periods, you can do Naamjap. But please ensure you do not take up a rosary and only do mental chanting. Ultimately, Naamjap will become continuous  and even if you make an effort, you will not be able to disrupt it.

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