Scorpion and a saint



All creatures follow the virtues endowed by nature.  All beings behave according to their qualities and nature.  In this context, an inspirational story is being presented:

There was a Dnyani (knowledgeable one) and an ascetic saint.  He used to derive supreme bliss in relieving the sufferings of others.  One day, he was going to sit for Dhyaan (meditation) near a lake.  Just then, he saw a scorpion drowning in the water.  He immediately rushed to save it.  No sooner did he pick up the scorpion to take it out of water, it started stinging him and it fell out of Swami’s hands and fell into the water again.  Swamiji tried again, but as soon as he would pick the scorpion up, it would sting him.  This kept happening again and again, but the saint too did not concede defeat and finally, he saved the scorpion’s life and took it out of the water.  Another person who had been carefully witnessing this turn of events.  When the saint came out of the lake, this person asked him, “Swami, I saw how you saved the life of that adamant and poisonous scorpion.  In order to save the scorpion, you put your own life at risk.  When it was repeatedly stinging you, why did you save it?”  Listening to this question, Swami smiled and replied, “It is the nature of the scorpion to sting and it is the nature of a human being to help others.”  Despite being a mindless creature, it does not part with its nature to sting till the very end, then how could I, in spite of being a human being leave my nature of helping others.  Due to the stings of the scorpion, I am feeling unbearable pain; but by saving its life, I derived bliss too.”

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