Detachment to Karma is extremely important

Karmanaiv hi sansiddhimaasthita janakadayah
Loksangrahmevapi sampashyankartymahasi – Shrimad Bhagvad Gita 3 :20

Meaning: Janaka and others attained perfection verily by action only; even with a view to the protection of the masses thou should perform action.

Implied Meaning: Detachment to Karma is extremely important, only then it becomes an Akarma Karma (action that bears no fruit in future). Although Janak was a King or kshatriya by Varna, but on the strength of his Sadhana (spiritual practice) he became detached while performing every action; thus, despite being a king (kshatriya) ), he became a Brahmin by Varna (system of class) and attained the Videh state i.e attained liberation along with his body and he achieved his ultimate benefaction. God Krishna tells Arjuna, ‘during the war his duty is to lead the army and not to escape from the war and this is a worthy deed. When times are adverse, compared to Vyashti (personal) well-being, one should always think of Samashti (societal) well-being, should perform accordingly with non-attachment feelings and that is Karmayog and hence welfare of all is inherent in it.

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