Spiritual Experiences related to negative energies

Spiritual Experience (Anubhuti) of Shri Satish Kulkarni of Maharashtra.
“I was on an official tour and in the midst of the tour, I had been discussing spirituality with a friend of mine the entire night. My friend was listening to everything attentively. We finished our tour and reached the hotel at 3 am and my friend immediately fell asleep. But I could not sleep for another 45 minutes. No sooner had I slept a wink, when I felt as if somebody was also on the bed with my my back touching it. I screamed out in fear and started chanting “Shree Guru Dev Dutt” and the feeling vanished. I activated “Shree Guru Dev Mantra” chant intoned by Didi in my mobile and went to sleep. I could then sleep peacefully for four hours.”

Analysis of Anubhuti
Normally, all kind of people visit hotels and all kind of misdeeds too are committed. Hence, to derive benefit of Sadhana of the seekers, or to trouble the seekers, some negative energies in the vicinity attack the seekers and it is easier for them to do so during sleep.
Whenever we are in a hotel, first of all, the following spiritual solutions must be carried out before going to sleep:

(i) During the period of stay, always keep one bedsheet each, one for the bedspread and the other one to cover oneself with. Do not sleep on the bedspread of the hotel, howsoever expensive, or clean, the bedsheet may be.
(ii) Upon reaching the room, put up a photograph of your favourite deity, or Guru there. This will start the process of Vaastu Shuddhi (purification of the premises) and the Vaastu will be purified to some extent.
(iii) Most importantly, before going to sleep, sit on the bed and chant your Guru Mantra or Mantra of your benevolent deity and then sleep, saying a prayer thus: “O God! May the chant that I am going to do for the next 15 minutes, protect me from negative energies for the rest of the night and may I be able to get up at the designated time and may You shower your grace, so that Your weapons may form a protective armour around me for the entire night.” Avoid chanting for the protective armour while lying down, for negative energies put us to sleep before completion of the chanting, so that the work of their attack can be carried out easily during the night and they may be able to trouble us for the entire night.
(iv) You can also put up Sattvik chanting strips around the bed. Travel with these strips in your possession (these are available with us).
(v) During the night, you can play the Sattvik CD of chanting on your laptop, CD player in ‘Repeat’ mode, before sleeping.
(vi) Carry Vibhuti (sacred ash) of a sacrificial fire, or that of a temple. Keep a pinch of the sacred ash on your palm and blow it softly around your bed. Doing so destroys the black cover around the bed.
(vii) You can also apply a Tilak (mark) with the sacred ash on the forehead before sleeping.

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