Simple tips to reduce Ego


• Ego is akin to the weeds in a field .Untill the weeds are totally uprooted totally , one cannot cultivate a good crop. The weeds have to be trimmed constantly. Similarly its nots possible to acquire the God’s grace without complete dissolution of ego ! – Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale
• Rather than teaching others, learn from them.
• By remaining in a state ‘I do not know anything’ the ego reduces. Such a state helps us to be in learning mode as one feels like asking God / others before doing something.
• Offering the doer ship of all actions to God helps in reducing ego.
• Should not have thoughts like an action or seva (service) is done because ‘I did it’. Doing your actions without expectation helps to reduce Ego.
• As devotion increases, the ego reduces.
• Observe the merits in others and the ego reduces automatically.
• The thought “I do not have ego”, also creates an ego at a subtle level.
• By serving others, you can reduce ego.
• Offering, expressing gratitude and praying reduces ego.
• Reducing selfishness at the Physical, Speech, Mental level, reduces ego.
• Reduction in awareness of the physical body reduces ego.
• The reduction in defects in us reduces ego.
• Not having reactions, not interfering, not complaining reduces ego.
• Comparison with the vastness of the universe reduces ego.
• As the attitude to listen increases, the ego reduces.
• Reduce “I”, “My”, “Me”, words in our daily conversations. (This means talking less about oneself and not simply removing these words from the sentences wherein one is talking about oneself.)


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