Who is a seeker ?

Under this heading, I wish to present before you some of my experiences during Dharma Prasaar Seva, so that you can understand who could be called a seeker.
It so happened that a lady from a highly affluent family from Jharkhand started doing Sadhana. Her husband was of a Rajasik nature and had an ego of being a millionaire. However, he was also helpfull by nature and during PrasaarSeva, he used to gladly take the seekers along with me in his car to the Seva venue and if we informed him by phone, would also bring us back. I have a habit of going for a morning walk and during such walks, we used to converse. Whenever I would ask him to do chanting, he would say, “Why should I chant, God has given me everything. I do not want anything more. I am satisfied and happy as well” saying this, he would avoid my suggestion. One day we again had a discussion on this topic. He used to deliberately raise the issue as he was also a little curious and I was determined to get him to start chanting. He again posed the same question, “Why should I do chanting?” I do not know how, but the words just came out of my mouth, “Brother, in adverse circumstances, only God comes to the rescue, not wealth.” He said, “I agree with what you say, but why will such circumstances come into my life?” I preferred to remain silent. On January 20, 2000, he had gone for some business-related work to Gujarat. On January 26, a massive earthquake struck Bhuj. At that time, he too was in the area around Bhuj. On January 26, we had a weekly Satsang and his wife used to conduct the Satsang. I handed over to her all the responsibilities for the Satsang and started Seva in another city. As soon as she set out for the Satsang, she got news that her husband and his friend had reached the area that had been struck by the earthquake the previous day and there was widespread devastation due to the earthquake. Even after hearing all this, believing that it was her duty to conduct the Satsang, that lady Sadhak, steadied her mind and proceeded for the Satsang. She did not reveal to anyone there that her husband was in the area devastated by the earthquake. For the next two days, there was no news of her husband and I came to know of all this through another seeker. I talked to her over the phone and she was obviously a bit worried. Consoling her, I said, “Do not worry. God will take care of everything.” On the third day, her husband rang her up and told her that the hotel in which they were staying was destroyed due to the earthquake but by God’s grace, they could come out of the debris safely. However, as the entire communication network had been destroyed, he could not inform her immediately. A week later, when I reached their house, her husband had also returned and the terror of the earthquake was clearly seen on his face. I will give you an account of his experience (as narrated by him).
“When the earthquake struck, both my friend and I were at a hotel in Bhuj. My friend was in the bathroom and I had just come out after having taken a bath.Suddenly,like a pack of cards, the posh hotel started shaking and tumbling. I called my friend out from the bathroom and both of us took refuge under a bed.”
Surprisingly, his room safely fell straight down like a box of matches. The whole night they remained in the same place and the next day, after the debris was removed, they somehow managed to come out. He said, “For two days, clad in a towel, both of us witnessed the terrific sight of destructive. Despite having so much of money, we were totally helpless and I was reminded of your words and I feel that I am alive today because of my wife’s Sadhana.”
However, despite this, this gentleman still did not start doing Sadhana, for chanting God’s name is not in everyone’s capacity. Till His grace is not showered, even if one is stinking rich, one cannot do Bhakti (devotion). In this case, the seekerhood of the lady of the house saved the gentleman. The Almighty is Bhaktavatsal(devotee-affectionate), not Sajjanvatsal(gentleman-affectionate). He has even said in Gita, “Paritranaysadhunaam”, meaning I protect seekers, not gentlemen. Thus, God gave the result of her seeker-hood to that woman. Hence, gentlemen should do sadhana and become seekers ! – Tanuja Thakur

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