What is Advaita Vedanta?

What is Advaita Vedanta?

A + Dvaita = Advaita

Dvaita = Duality,

A-Dvaita = negation of Duality i.e non- duality

Vedanta means the end parts of Vedas, which contains the essence of Vedas.

In advaita Vedanta, one meditates on the SELF and establishes himself in the true nature. Some of them call it meditation on the absolute Brahman. A vedantin does not consider himself different from the God / Atman / Brahman.

Followers of advaita practice meditation on Aum / Om [1,6] or practice Self Enquiry as prescribed by Sri Ramana Maharshi [2]

Who can practice Advaita Vedanta?

Advaita is not for everybody. Emotional characters are generally not suited to practice advaita. Ramana Maharshi in Ramana Gita [3] says that ones who have purified their mind through sadhana (meditation) or by Sattvik Karma in past lives can practice advaita Vedanta. He further says that one who does not give much importance to his body and senses and has no interest in the worldly affairs instead of being surrounded by worldly issues are considered as eligible for Self Enquiry [3].

Shastras says of fours sadhans (qualities) are necessary (Sadhan chatusta Varnana)[4,5,6]

1. Vivek – discrimination between Real and unreal. i.e. only Atman, Brahman is real, everything else is unreal

2. Vairagya – dispassion in society (worldly matters)

3. Shatsampatti (6 values)

a. Sham – Control over mind

b. Dam – Control over 5 senses

c. Uprati – Saturation point (control over mins and saturation brings the saturation of slinging or attachment in any worldly attachment)

d. Titiskha – To stay neutral in favourable and unfavourable circumstances

e. Shraddha – Faith in Yourself (I am doing nothing wrong in practicing this path), Guru, God and Shastras.

f. Samadhan – To stay focused on the practice.

4. Mumukshatva – Burning desire for liberation.

Once you have Vivek and Vairagya along with firm determination for liberation, all other qualities gradually develop within. Regular prayers and surrender to God also help a lot. Being prepared to leave everything for SELF realization is an asset.

Tanuja Thakur

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