How urban Naxals fool simple city-dwellers

August 31, 2018

Why would anyone defend the enemy of India, you may ask. This question has been asked several times in the last thousand years of our history. But before we seek an answer, let’s understand the reason behind the raid and arrests.

The life of Naxalism runs over 50 years of unrest, murders, destruction, rapes, arson, loot and killings of innocent children. It was free India’s bad luck, lack of political acumen of our leaders, lazy intelligentsia, corrupt fourth pillar, a dysfunctional system or a combination of all these that kept feeding this monster called Naxalism and today it has emerged as India’s biggest internal security threat. Most dangerous. Lethal. And barbaric.

Vivek Agnihotri
Vivek Agnihotri
For beginners, Naxalism, also known as Maoism, has always been celebrated, patronized and protected by the leftists and liberals. How else can a violent and barbaric movement survive for 50 years in a free, democratic country which is one of the most promising and peaceful players in a globalized world?

Leftists, by definition, are those who question the establishment. It’s another thing that today they themselves are a corrupt establishment and it is practically impossible to raise voice against oneself. Hence, they are cocooned in a regressive, violent ideology with no option but to play along their movement which has been totally taken over by disguised terrorists, Maoists and all separatist and anti-national forces.

A lot of these Leftists and liberals have succumbed to the Naxal pressure and work as their ‘front organisation’. What one doesn’t understand is why they like to call themselves liberals when they are engaged in humanity’s most illiberal acts?

When Saibaba, Asst. Professor of Delhi University, was arrested, certain strategic documents were found from his place. These documents very clearly and strongly state the objectives of ‘the central task of the Indian revolution is the seizure of political power. To accomplish this central task, the Indian people will have to be organised into a people’s army & will have to wipe out the armed forces of the Indian state through war & establish in its place the people’s democratic state.’

It doesn’t stop here. It goes on to state, ‘The very act of establishment of the state machinery of the people by destroying, through war, the state’s army, police & the bureaucratic machinery, is the central task of the people’s democratic revolution of India”.

How is this going to be achieved? They explain it in full detail by ‘establishing revolutionary base areas first in the countryside where the enemy (India) is weak & then to gradually encircle and capture the cities which are the bastions of the enemy forces.’

Naxals aren’t wild jihadis. Naxals are smart. They are educated, understand politics, war strategies, and the  topography of the country.

They understand that the transport and communication facilities are very poor in jungles and the remote countryside is very far from military centres, making it difficult to reach them in the jungles. Therefore, they have made dense jungles their main bastion to wage a war against the enemy (India). They call it ‘liberated zone’. From here they plan to ‘attack the enemy (India) in the cities’ by using various groups of people, ranging from labourers to intellectuals to lawyers to professors and artists. Most importantly, students whose ‘volatile nature work as arms and ammunition’.

Now, anyone who has been raised in a city is going to laugh at such far-fetched planning. Because they have no idea. In fact, I fully sympathise with all those misguided people who lined up to sign for ‘Urban Naxals’ club for they do not know better.

They think ‘Urban Naxalism’ is some kind of a movement to dissent. No, it’s not.

The strategic document has a chapter on ‘Urban Naxalism’. Ironically, Chapter no 13. Besides explaining why Urban Naxalism is crucial to their war, this chapter emphasises on the need to work in an organised manner and slowly infiltrate police, army, bureaucracy, administration, legal system and education.

That is why ‘… the urban areas will remain as strong recruiting centers for the armed revolution’, while the recruiters will move around normally, like common citizens. They should become ‘invisible enemies’ of India.

‘The cadres have to be regularly sent to cities to impart necessary ideological and political education & training. If part-time (PT) or professional revolutionaries (PR) are exposed due to the mistakes of the cadre, then they should be immediately sent underground’.

The tactics state that they form a Front Organisation (FO) in urban areas like Kabir Kala Manch which may appear to be a cultural organisation but its main objective is to recruit, train and attack. All this is achieved by extorting poor Adivasis to the tune of Rs 110 crore.

One of their new tactics, since the advent of social media, is to ‘dimlight’ whenever caught.  This means that dim the light so much that everything becomes blurred. You can’t identify anyone.

This is achieved with the help of ‘media mobilizers’. Who are these media mobilizers? You will find them running small media houses without any journalistic competence, public figures with strong ‘influencing potential’, legal activists, student leaders, et cetera. They come with many faces. Feminism and freedom of speech are safest. You don’t need much academic knowledge as ‘both these issues are rants’.

Also, issues of feminism and FoE attract a large number of people who help in ‘mass mobilization against the enemy (India).

You may find these ‘mobilizers’ cracking jokes on social media platforms, writing poetry and running feminist campaigns. Sometimes, you may pass them off as a Congressi or a Sanghi or just a harmless troll. But they aren’t who you think they are. Their task is to constantly question Indian culture, Indian definitions of family and society, and attract young followers in the name of liberalism.

If you study their own lives carefully, you will find yourself researching some of the most illiberal and dangerous people.

Modern, educated and stressed city dwellers want absolute freedom from stress. That’s why they get ideologically attracted to anyone who champions ‘teenager-like freedom’. When these innocent city-dwellers find these influencers supporting an ‘Urban Naxal’, they naturally assume that the state is oppressing that Urban Naxal.

What they never get to know is that the said ‘Urban Naxal’ was actually planning a war against India. In this week’s case, they were plotting to kill the Prime Minister of India. What these people don’t know is that they can’t find one person whose life has been improved because of Naxalism. What they don’t know is that by signing up for #MeTooUrbanNaxal, they are actually encouraging India’s armed enemies.

They are also unaware that by signing up they have made terror funding a bit easier. What they don’t realize is that by indirectly and unintentionally supporting India’s enemy, they have become ideological co-conspirators of waging a war against India.

I’d like to believe they are innocent and don’t understand the gravity of the situation. And that’s exactly Urban Naxals want. Confused, unaware, misguided city-dwellers, who can be ‘drugged ideologically’ so that they don’t even think once when ‘revolutionaries call for action’.

This is an age-old tactic. When a thief is identified, start calling everyone else a thief and in some time the police won’t be able to differentiate between a thief and the innocent person in a sea of humans.

So how do cops catch the real thief? Catch the person who screamed first. In the case of dangerous #MeTooUrbanNaxal campaign, someone should find out who initiated the process of ‘dimlighting’. The real clue lies there.

What happened yesterday was very unfortunate and a sad day for Indian democracy. I am sure most of them were an innocent and unaware lot. I am sure that most of these people might regret later.

But regret, we all do. We regretted when we lost India to the Moghuls, when we lost to the British, the French, and the Portuguese, when we lost, after Independence, to our ‘invisible colonizers — USSR & KGB, and when we lost to a corrupt dynasty.

For the last thousand years, because of some dishonest and irresponsible citizens, we have been losing. And regretting.

Hello, #MeTooUrbanNxals warriors, can we not do it this time?

Source : Yahoo News 

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