The Humility of Khaderu baba

By God’s grace, a saint named H. H. Khaderu Bhagat came to our ashram from Jharkhand on our invitation for the function of Ramnavami in Our Delhi Aashram from 7th april to 12th april.

God gave me the message on 11.4.2014 to record  the  experiences His  spiritual journey,  so I asked Him at twelve pm the next day to change his clothes and put the tilak properly for the video recording .  I did not inform Him about the recording purposely before so that he doesn’t become nervous hearing it. After that I became busy directing the seekers, preparing the set for the recording , after about half an hour, when I went to His room I saw that He was ready for recording after changing His clothes and was engrossed in Mediation, I could feel that He was praying so that everything happens as per God’s wish, and I found three amazing things happening while recording:

1. The  video recording of the interview started at two pm lasted for forty-five minutes,  the fan was off and we were eight of us in a room which has a normal bedroom size (12-15ft) but I did not feel the heat at all , normally I start sweating in such condition after five minutes but any such thing did not happen during that entire period .

2. Due to old age (He is eighty eight years old ) He has some hearing problem so we always  talked loudly with Him during His entire stay in our ashram, but while doing the recording  I talked in my normal pitch and He could hear everything properly without mike and could answer my questions without even repeating the question once.

3. The whole interview could be done without a single cut and He answered all my questions fluently and very causually before the camera which I had not expected at all  !
All this happened because of his bhav for seva that was given to Him.-Tanuja Thakur

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