The Crown Jewel of the Raghu Dynasty – God Ram

रामं लक्ष्मणपूर्वजं रघुवरं सीतापतिं सुंदरम् | काकुत्स्थं करुणार्णवं गुणनिधिं विप्रप्रियं धार्मिकम् | राजेंद्रं सत्यसंधं दशरथतनयं श्यामलं शांतमूर्तिम् | वंदे लोकाभिरामं रघुकुलतिलकं राघवं रावणारिम् || ||
I salute that Rama who is han…dsome, the elder brother of Laxmana, the husband of Sita and the best of the scions of the Raghu race, Him who is the ocean of compassion, the stockpile of virtues, the beloved of the Brahmans and the protector of Dharma, I pray to Him who abides Truth, the God emperor of kings, the son of Dasaratha, dark-complexioned and the personification of Peace and tranquillity, Him who is the enemy of Ravana, the crown jewel of the Raghu dynaty and the cynosure of all eyes.

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