Tasteless meal? This video will bust the Hinduphobic agenda of ‘The Hindu Magazine’ against Akshaya Patra

JUNE 9, 2019

Whoa! The Hindu Magazine is caught once again spreading their anti-Hindu agenda! This time it was against Akshaya Patra Foundation for its ISKCON roots. And as usual, nobody bought their agenda. In fact, it had a reverse effect. Akshaya Patra saw an all-time high donations spree as thousands of first-time donors donated liberally in rupees and dollars for the noble cause. Lakhs of twitterati rebuked and exposed The Hindu Magazine. If their biased and fake article could create any momentary ripples, it was in their own cozy little group of a section of media and pseudo-activists. And then came the apology from the Director of The Hindu Magazine, Malini Parthasarathy that drained all the excitement of this ‘Liberal’ group.

This article by Archana Nathan is a perfect example of the abuse of the Freedom of Press. See her audacity! She visits only two schools out of 2887 schools in Karnataka. Shortlists only 3 fussy kids (and I hope they are not the fragment of her imagination) out of 4,49,079 children who avail Akshaya Patra mid-day meal facility in Karnataka. She doesn’t dare to give their full names nor the names of their schools. And then she comes up with the title for her article, “Why are Karnataka’s schoolchildren unhappy with the mid-day meal?” I mean, it’s a height of irresponsible journalism!

Those who had some short-lived happy moments out of the outrage by the article were a group of evangelists in the guise of ‘activists’ and the Mirror Now anchor, Faye D’souza. These people are known for their intolerance towards Hindu Religion. Their fictitious attacks on APF were shuffling around taste, nutrition, religion etc. Like crores of Indians, I too was appalled by the cruel attempt of this liberal gang to snatch the fresh, tasty and nourishing food from 4.5 Lakh hungry young mouths.

The situation inspired me to investigate the matter myself. On 6/6/2019, I visited Akshaya Patra Kitchen as a first step of my inspection. Well, too much has been said and written about Akshaya Patra Kitchen. I’ll just summarize my feelings…though a mother and a good cook myself, I will fall short in terms of hygiene, taste and the meticulous cooking of APF food!

Now, Ms. Archana Nathan, I challenge you to reveal the names of schools and children you claim to have visited. Here is my video. On 7/6/2019 I visited a government school in my area at the lunch break. Check my video. You will find the name of the school, the names of children with full transparency. I didn’t find a single fussy child that your talent could invent. All I could see was the happy faces of innocent children licking their fingers, emptying their plates super clean and rushing for the second helping. My friend, Prema KS and I too had a hearty meal. I must say, Bisibelebhat was at par with MTR hotel quality. I felt overwhelmed for the good fortune of the future generation of India.

Ms. Nathan, I will expose your contradictory, fake and ridiculous arguments about ‘Onion and Garlic’ in my next write-up. More to follow about why all the parties concerned are happy and satisfied about Akshaya Patra mid-day meal – the central government, State Government, HRD Ministry, NIN, school managements, teachers and most importantly, the children. More exposure to follow on the nexus of a section of Media, Activists and evangelists who are against anything and everything which works for the building of our nation.

My message to this nexus, watch the video and feel unhappy that you and your liberal group are unsuccessful in snatching the food from these tender hungry mouths.

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