Stages of spiritual progress

‘In reality one’s soul, the Guru’s soul, God and Brahman are all one and the same. Hence one has to say that Godliness is the nature of the soul. When that nature of the devotee’s soul manifests itself it is referred to as The God’s or the Guru’s grace. Saint Eknath has said, “I (The God) at once uplift the one on whom the Guru bestows His grace”.
• Initially the average person considers that “The God is the Master-doer of all actions”.

• When his spiritual practice becomes balanced, The God grants him with a Sadguru for his upliftment. Then he begins to feel that “The Sadguru does everything”.

• On acquisition of the Guru’s grace, that is after attaining Self-realisation he realises that “I am doing everything” and that earlier too “I was doing everything without realising the same”.’
– H.H. Kane Maharaj, Narayangaon

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