Spiritual love (priti)

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Spiritual Love (Priti) 

Priti means absolute love, this is a divine virtue and one who possesses this attribute, makes rapid progress on the path of spirituality.   A saint has said that love that has expectations is not love, it is a kind of a deal.  You gave something and in return, if there are expectations, how can that be love?

Instances of love at the worldly level:

Motherhood has been termed a divine virtue, for the life-giving mother nurtures us with love, but even then, she does not have any expectations in her mind.  Whatever type of behaviour the children do with her, the mother always makes efforts for their benevolence; not only that for the child’s happiness, she makes the biggest sacrifice with a smile.  A patriot’s love too is without any expectations, he gives up his life for the sake of the country with a smile, the love for the nation makes him inclined to do so.

The Divine love

          The love between God and the devotee is divine.  Although a Sakaam Bhakt (devotee with expectations) has expectations from God, a Nishkaam Bhakt (devotee without expectations) loves God for the sake of loving Him, his basic virtue is to love  Him and  such a seeker has been called the highest devotee.  (Bhagwan Krushna too has said) Yogakshema Vahamyaham, meaning a devotee who worships me without any expectations, I take care of all his responsibilities.

The one who worships God without any expectations makes rapid spiritual progress and a devotee who worships God with some expectation makes very slow spiritual progress, or the progress is even negligible, for the Sadhana done by him is spent in fulfilling his desires.

But as his desires keep getting fulfilled and he gets Anubhuti, gradually his Bhakti (devotion) increases and his Nishkaam Bhakti and prem (love) starts increasing.

The love between Guru-Shishya (Master-disciple) is Nishkam, pure and devoid of any expectations.  Actually, the disciple at least has an expectation of making spiritual progress, but Sadgurus (spiritual masters) are epitomes of love and their love towards the disciple is entirely absolute.

This world is the formless manifestation of God; without absolute love, Sayujya Mukti (meaning the ultimate level of liberation is impossible). Hence, a seeker must try to imbibe this virtue.

To imbibe the principle of priti, first of one all must make an effort to love one’s Guru-brethren and try to do Satseva with those, with whom one enjoys doing it.  In the next phase, one must try to do Satseva with those, whom one does not feel comfortable and to establish harmony with such seekers, one should make cautious efforts to remove ones personality defects and ego.  In the next phase, one must try to love those persons who consider someone else as their Guru  and after this, with those who are not connected to any Guru or sect.  In the end, one must make an effort to love the layman i.e. those people who don’t do Sadhana, meaning one must make an effort to love common people.  When  one achieves the state of love for the entire mankind, one must love the flora, fauna and the non-living world.  Saints, love both  the living and the non-living world, hence they can experience God everywhere.  Saints possess the principle of unconditional love, hence ordinary people get attracted towards them easily.  Higher the expansiveness of love, greater is the attraction.  Gopis (female cowherds) had achieved the highest form of liberation on the basis of spiritual love.


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