Sindhi women hold protest in London against forced conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan

A group of Sindhi women gathered outside the Pakistan High Commission in United Kingdom’s London to protest against forced conversion of Hindu girls by Muslims in Pakistan. The protest was held by International Sindhi Women Organisation (ISWO).

During the protest, the protestors raised slogans against the injustice and against the perpetrators. “The state and it’s all institutions have intentionally failed to protect religious minorities”, said Dr Rubina Sheikh, a protestor and chairperson of World Sindhi Congress.

She added, “The state is systematically and strategically supporting this practice and spread of violent religious extremism. The perpetrators carry it without any impunity with their patronage”.

The speakers also reiterated that this practice is to coerce, frighten the most vulnerable part of Sindhi people to leave in order to convert Sindhi people into minority in their own motherland. They requested the International community for help as there is no hope from Pakistan.

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