Simple spiritual remedies to counter ancestral problems

For the removal of Pitru Dosh, try the following spiritual measures:

• Do ritualistic worship of the photograph or statue of God Dattatreya every day.
• Every month offer one meal to a Brahmin on the Mrityu Tithi (date of demise by Hindu lunar calendar) of the head of the family or on Amavasya (No Moon day)
if the exact date of demise is not known, If this is not possible, offer money for food to a Brahmin every month on that date. (On such dates, serving food to a poor person does not provide any relief from Pitru Dosh).
• Chant “Shree Guru Dev Dutt” for six hours on a regular basis.
• Pray to God Dattatreya with Bhaa(earnestness) in the following manner:
“O God Dattatrey! The ancestors, who are creating hurdles in the way of the means of livelihood of the male members of my family, please protect them from the departed ancestors’ wrath and help them settle down financially. Kindly allow the formation of a Suraksha Kavach (protective armour) around the members of our family. Please let your benign Grace be upon us, we seek your refuge.” Say this prayer along with chanting as many times as possible during a day.
• Remove photographs of your ancestors in the house from your sight. Either immerse the photographs in running water of a river, or tie them up inside a white cloth and keep them in an almirah. On the day of Shraadha, you can take them out if you want.
• Recommend all the points pertaining to the chanting of God Dattatreya and about resolution of Pitru Dosh to the maximum number of people as all are suffering today with this problem.
• Avoid the use of black-coloured cloth in the house as much as possible. In Sanatan Dharma, the use of black colour is for resolving the curse of Shani, or for wearing it on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Else, the use of black colour has been prohibited for an ordinary person.
• Serve food to Brahmins during Pitru Paksh.
• Chant 72 Maalas (rosary) of Shree Guru Dev Dutt during Pitru Paksh everyday.
• During Pitru Paksh, male members of the house must offer an oblation of water and Til (sesame seeds) and perform Shraddha.
• Contribute your mite through your body, mind and wealth for the mission of saints, or for activities pertaining to Dharma.

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