Shocking letter by Colonel Purohit to Human Rights Commission exposes how he was tortured

June 14, 2018

The shocking 24-page letter written by Lt.Col.Shrikant Purohit is now out. This is his complaint to National Human Rights Commission in December 2013, describing how he was tortured for weeks by a Military Intelligence Officer and Maharashtra Police ATS team in October and November 2008. In his complaint Lt.Col.Purohit says he was brutally tortured by Maharashtra ATS officers late Hemant Karkare, Parambir Singh (the current Thane Police Commissioner) and Military Intelligence Officer Col.Rajiv Kumar Srivastav aias RK Srivastav, then based in Delhi HQ.

In his heart-wrenching complaint, Lt. Col. Purohit also accuses other Maharashtra ATS officers Mohan Kulkarni (then ACP-Mumbai in ATS) and Arun Khanvilkar (then Senior Inspector of ATS) for brutally torturing him for weeks pre and post recording of the arrest on November 5, 2008. A few days back Times Now had reported this shocking letter. We are publishing this letter at the end of the report. How a serving Army Intelligence Officer was tortured for creating a fake political narrative by Congress regime is exposing in this heart-wrenching letter.

Purohit reveals he was picked up from Army Education Service’s Training School in Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh on October 29, 2008, by Col.R K Srivastava with an order from Delhi Intelligence Head Quarters to join with them for a discussion. After issuing a movement order, they took over all his mobile phones and at Bhopal airport, Srivastava told him that they are taking him to Mumbai airport. At Bhopal Airport, Srivastava became rude and told him not to call any phones and threatened that they will beat him. At Mumbai airport, Intelligence Bureau officer Sanjeev Garg was waiting with a vehicle to transport Purohit. In the late night when Purohit was transported to a Mumbai interrogation centre and immediately interrogation started and within hours beating started in the presence of Hemant Karkare and Parambir Singh for days asking him to admit to own up responsibility for the Malegaon blast.

“Col.R K Srivastava suddenly pounced on me from his chair and initiated brutal physical assault with vulgar possible abuses about my mother, wife, and sister. Col.R. K. Srivastava started slapping me without any respite and also started kicking me all over my body. As if everything was pre-rehearsed and planned the officers of Inspector level of ATS Maharashtra Police besides some constables got into the action and virtually pinned me down to my chair holding my hands behind the backrest and pulling my hair thereby exposing my face to receive blows on my face,” said Purohit in details the torture on him to take responsibility for Malegaon blast.

Purohit details how along with Col. R K Srivastava, ATS Chief late Hemant Karkare and the now Thane Police Commissioner Parambir Singh IPS tortured and stripped and attacked at his private parts to confess and own up the responsibility of planting bombs and explosives used in Malegaon blast. The complaint of Purohit to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is a spine-chilling one, exposing how Congress-led UPA regime tried to create a narration of Hindu Terror.

The recently released book – “Hindu Terror – an insider account of Ministry of Home Affairs” written by former Under Secretary R V S Mani exposes the mysterious link of Digvijaya Singh, the Congress leader and first proponent of fake Hindu Terror Theory and IPS officer late Hemant Karkare. In 2006, when R V S Mani was summoned by the then Home Minister Shivraj Patil at his office, hours after the blast in Nagpur RSS Head Quarters, Digvijaya Singh and Hemant Karkare were sitting there. While Shivraj Patil was sititng silent, it was Digvijaya Singh and Hemant Karkare who were asking questions to RVS Mani about the blast. Mani was the Under Secretary in Internal Security Division and his explanation on the role of SIMI elements in the blast did not go well with Digvijay and Karkare. In his book, he describes how these elements started floating fake Hindu Terror theory.

Coming back to Col.Purohit’s letter on his torture by the rogue officers under the instruction of Sonia Gandhi controlled Congress regime – When he was produced before Magistrate in November 5, though threatened, Purohit was courageous to explain the torture met him by these cruel officers Col. R K Srivastava, Hemant Karkare and Parambir Singh led assault team.

At the end of this report, we are publishing the entire 24 pages of complaint of Col. Purohit detailing the terrible torture he met at the hands of these rogue officers under the instructions of their political masters to create fake ‘Hindu Terror theory.”. We are urging all readers to read it carefully to understand the cruel regime controlled by Sonia Gandhi.

After Purohit detailed to Magistrate about the torture, he was admitted in Army Hospital for treatment. All hospital records show that he was tortured brutally and many of his body parts including private parts were met with injuries and numb. The worst was after releasing from hospital these rogue officers take him to custodial interrogation officially. Those days Congress leaders fed media was filling their pages with ‘Hindu Terror or Saffron Terror Theories’. NDTV, Indian Express, and Tehelka were leading the pack with Union Home Ministry and Maharashtra planted these kinds of fake news items. The journalists who wrote these kinds of – swallow and vomit – journalism and bagged awards and made their career should read Col. Purohit’s 24-page letter published below.

In official custodial interrogation, torture and brutality went for weeks urging Purohit to admit the crime of distributing bombs and explosives to other “Hindu terrorists” led by Sadhvi Pragya. His body was kept hanging in different positions in iron rods for many days while beating by ATS team. The ATS officers were urging the constables to rejoice in beating an Army Colonel!!!.

During torture, the ATS officers threatened him that they will plant explosives at his home and put mother and wife in prison. “Your kids will be orphans,” they shouted at him. For weeks, every hour the interrogation team will inflict injury and twist his private parts by stripping him and hanging on iron rods in different positions.

We once again urge all readers to go through the below published 24-page handwritten letter by Col.Purohit to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), describing all kind of tortures he faced for the floating of fake ‘Hindu Terror Theory” by Sonia Gandhi controlled UPA regime in 2008-2009 for political gains.

We must admit the courage of Col. Purohit not to budge to the demands even after this spine-chilling torture by the assault team led by Col. R K Srivastava, Hemant Karkare and Parambir Singh. NHRC and NIA must start a probe on this shocking incident and punish the rogue officers to ensure justice is done to Col. Purohit. All the rogue officers should face the law for custodial torture. There should be a wider probe on this issue to identify the evil design of cruel political masters headed by Sonia Gandhi, P. Chidambaram, and Digvijaya Singh.

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