Shiv stuti

प्रातर्नमामि गिरिशं गिरिजार्धदेहं
सर्गस्थितिप्रलयकारणमादिदेवम् ।
विश्वेश्वरं विजितविश्वमनोभिरामं
संसाररोगहरमौषधमद्वितीयम् ॥
Meaning : In the early morning, I Salute Sree Girisha (Shiva), Who has Devi Girija (Parvati) as half of His body, who is the primordial cause behind the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the Universe, who is the God of the universe and who conquers the world by His charm, who is the medicine to destroy the disease (of delusion) of worldly existence and who is the one without a second.

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